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Benefits of taking a daily probiotic

Benefits of taking a daily probiotic:
I am convinced that taking a daily probiotic is imperative for good health and great skin. I had a sinus infection for 2 weeks and finally had to go to the doctors to get an antibiotic. My sister advised me to take a probiotic along with it to keep from having complications in my gut from the antibiotic. I followed her advise and bought an expensive one at Walgreens name brand Align. I bought it to last 6 weeks. All I can say is I cannot believe the difference it has made in my skin condition.
I started to think about it. All good health starts in a healthy gut. If your gut is not healthy you won’t get the full benefits of the good foods you are eating. Makes sense right? I eat some foods containing probiotics like yogurt so I didn’t think I would benefit from taking a probiotic. I think differently now.
As I was thinking about this I thought of a person I know who has been attending a wellness chiropractor because of chronic skin and respiratory problems. The first step they addressed was getting their gut into a healthy place and that meant taking probiotics. I noticed that this person’s skin never looked better and now I am experiencing the same benefit from taking a probiotic. Anyway that is my thought for today.

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