Today I am launching my new ministry website; Dare To Dream Once More. I chose the name because I have always been a person who has had dreams. I added the words Once More because life happened and discouragement set in.  But I am not willing to quit living a life without purpose, so I am ignoring all my life obstacles and going for it even though it seems silly to do so at my age of 63.  One of the dreams I have had for years included starting a women’s fashion line which I started six years ago. It has been both challenging and rewarding.  Now I am going for another dream that has evolved over the years because we live in a video world. My original dream of starting a magazine has tuned into a vlog. My videos will be stories about some of the incredible life adventures I have experienced as a Christ follower. Life has never been boring once I chose to become a Christian. Quite the opposite. Anyway, my hope is that my stories will encourage or maybe even inspire you to be the awesome person God created you to be.