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Financial storms


Financial storms can come to a person through an unexpected job loss, accident, fire, natural disaster, medical emergency, etc. They can happen suddenly leaving you to feel alone, scared, confused, and helpless as you watch your life go into a tailspin, no longer under your control.

For me, it came when my thirty-four-year marriage ended in divorce. My divorce threw me into a financial storm I had not prepared for. At the time, my only income was from my job as a part time school bus driver. Going from bad to worse, I had to have two different emergency surgeries both without any health insurance.

Fast forward seven years later, and I am the owner of a women’s fashion line. How did it happen? Through hard work, perseverance, and by following God’s financial principles as outlined in the Bible. This book will help you understand those principles and how to apply them to your situation. God has no favorites what He has done for one He will do for another. His principles are supernatural and can overcome any storm no matter how fierce.

“A great insightful look at faith in action, as she trusts God to provide her needs – even after divorce. My faith was increased as I read of her challenges, and God’s provision. He came through time after time. You will love it! It’s well written and easy to read in a couple of sittings.” Chris Myrick