God’s Perfect Timing

There’s a story behind how I came up with the cover of my book, “Financial Storms.” I was visiting my sister Judy, who lives in the middle of Florida, and was leaving her to go to the coast. Before I left I said to her, “I need to photograph a cover for my book and I have it in my mind to make a sand castle on the beach with the waves coming in to destroy it.” I told her that I would have to buy some buckets to make the castle when I got there. I arrived to the coast and I checked into my hotel room. I decided to take a quick walk on the beach before I went shopping for sand castle making buckets,. As I was walking, I noticed some women pointing at something on the beach and I looked to see what they were pointing at and there it was …….

Someone had made the most beautiful sand castle I had ever seen. I hurried back to my hotel room to grab my camera. I took photos of the sand castle and the waves and went back to my hotel room to work on the photos. So excited! Trust me the sand castle I would have made would not have impressed anyone. The next day, I took a walk on the beach and when I came to where the sand castle was, it was almost completely washed away. Talk about God’s perfect timing!


The Shock of Moving into a Drug Neighborhood.

In 1992, our family bought a house in a small city north of Chicago that was formed by a Christian evangelist. The first time I drove through the town, the real estate agent pointed out to me how every street had been named with a name found in the Bible. I started to imagined my kids seeing those names and the influence the town would have on them and got excited thinking about it. We bought the home in April and moved into it in May. What happened next gave me in the biggest shock of my life ….

I have to finished by saying that some of the best people I have ever known live in this city and I still live here. Why? Because in spite of its problems we believe in this town and in God’s purpose for it.