Biblical Teachings and Videos

Starting a Business God’s Way.

I had taken on a second job so I could afford to advertise a new photography business I just started, when the Lord let me know that He wanted me to give all the money I had planned on spending on advertising and to give it to Him instead. What happened next forever convinced me that you cannot outgive God. He always gives you more back than the seemingly small amount you gave to Him.

Biblical Teachings and Videos

$1.65 to our name and out of groceries

Tony and I started a photography business and had hoped to be instantly successful. That was the dream, but reality set in as we tried to figure out how to pay our bills and put food on our table week to week. The stress I experienced was aging me and I longed for peace but didn’t know how to find it. I turned to the Lord hoping He would be the answer to my problems. but didn’t really trust him because I didn’t know what I could trust Him to do. Faith was a new concept to me. Even so, there came a day where I had to find out if Jesus would do what He promised in His word and this is the story I am telling today.

Biblical Teachings and Videos

The Shock of Moving into a Drug Neighborhood.

In 1992, our family bought a house in a small city north of Chicago that was formed by a Christian evangelist. The first time I drove through the town, the real estate agent pointed out to me how every street had been named with a name found in the Bible. I started to imagined my kids seeing those names and the influence the town would have on them and got excited thinking about it. We bought the home in April and moved into it in May. What happened next gave me in the biggest shock of my life ….

I have to finished by saying that some of the best people I have ever known live in this city and I still live here. Why? Because in spite of its problems we believe in this town and in God’s purpose for it.