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Tim is a Senior Editor at MacRumors and has been writing for the site since 2016. Formerly a magazine journalist, his work has appeared in over 30 newsstand print publications and online brands covering a range of topics, from the latest trends in technology to the mysteries of ancient history.

Based in the UK, Tim's current role at MacRumors involves editorial oversight and how tos, in addition to covering daily news and contributing occasional reviews. Tim can be reached at tim@macrumors.com, Telegram (@waxeditorial) or Twitter.

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iPhone 14 Pro Rear Camera

iOS 17: How to Straighten Your Shooting Angle With the New Camera Level Feature

Tuesday July 11, 2023 4:41 am PDT by
Apple in iOS 17 has introduced a handy new camera feature that helps to straighten up your shooting angle before you even hit the shutter. Running the ‌iOS 17‌ beta? Then keep reading to learn how to take advantage of the new Level option. For a while now, Apple's Camera app has included a few optional settings that can help you line up your shots. There's a Grid that can be overlaid on the...
apple wechat

Apple Launches Online Store on China's WeChat Platform

Tuesday July 11, 2023 1:43 am PDT by
Apple has launched an online store in China's WeChat app, the Tencent-owned social media platform has announced (via Reuters). China's dominant messaging app will host the Apple store via one of its mini-programs, which typically offers e-commerce, financial, and live-streaming services to WeChat's over 1.2 billion users. Customers will be able to purchase the full line of Apple products...
apple vision pro chips

Apple Vision Pro to Feature Custom-Designed Low Latency DRAM Chip Supplied by SK Hynix

Tuesday July 11, 2023 1:07 am PDT by
Apple's Vision Pro headset will use a new type of dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, that has been custom designed to support Apple's R1 input processing chip, reports The Korea Herald. Apple Vision Pro is powered by a pair of chips. The main processor is the M2, which is responsible for processing content, running the visionOS operating system, executing computer vision algorithms, and...
Apple MacBook Pro M2 Feature Blue Green

How to Identify Your MacBook's Model and Year of Release

Tuesday July 11, 2023 12:00 am PDT by
There are several ways that you can identify your MacBook model. Keep reading to learn what they are. Apple maintains a comprehensive list of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models on its website. Once you've identified your Mac's part number, you can match it to the models in one of Apple's list and learn other details about your device. About Your Mac The easiest way to identify ...
ipad memorial day

How to Identify Your iPad Model and Model Number

Monday July 10, 2023 4:34 am PDT by
If you're trying to identify your iPad model, you need to find out its model number. The steps in this article show you how. Apple maintains a comprehensive list of ‌iPad‌ models, including the model numbers for Wi-Fi and Cellular versions. Once you've identified your ‌iPad‌ model and model number, you can refer to Apple's list and learn other details about your device. To find your ‌iPad‌'s...

How to Identify Your iPhone Model and Model Number

Monday July 10, 2023 4:10 am PDT by
If you're trying to identify your iPhone model, you need to find out its model number. The steps in this article show you how. Apple maintains a comprehensive list of ‌iPhone‌ models, including the model numbers for devices sold in different countries. Once you've identified your ‌iPhone‌ model and model number, you can refer to Apple's list and learn other details about your device. Open...
https hypebeast

Limited-Edition Beats Fit Pro in Collaboration With Fragment Design Now Available

Monday July 10, 2023 2:43 am PDT by
Beats has collaborated for a third time with fragment design founder Hiroshi Fujiwara for a monochromatic limited-edition version of Beats Fit Pro earbuds. The two new white and black pairs of Beats Fit Pro are available now from Apple, SSENSE, END, and more, and are priced at $199.99. First released in November 2021, the Beats Fit Pro feature flexible wingtips for a more secure fit in...

Apple Promotes Long Battery Life and Crash Detection in Two New iPhone 14 Ads

Monday July 10, 2023 1:54 am PDT by
Apple has shared two new ads on its YouTube channel, one promoting the long battery life of the iPhone 14 Plus and the other using the iPhone 14 Pro to highlight Apple's Crash Detection feature. The first one-minute ad, "Battery for Miles," depicts a man slowly driving a tractor as he tows a gigantic pumpkin along a long, straight road seemingly in the middle of nowhere. "Two Miles An Hour"...
jony ive turntable2

If Apple Designed a Turntable, This Is Probably What It Would Look Like

Friday July 7, 2023 5:20 am PDT by
Former Apple design chief Sir Jony Ive has revealed his latest project, a collaboration with British audio brand Linn to design a 50th anniversary edition of its Sondek LP12 turntable. The luxury $60,000 record player is the first non-Apple hardware project Ive is known to have been involved in since he and four other colleagues left the company in 2019 to found the design firm LoveFrom. ...
vision pro over head strap

Apple Vision Pro Secondary Head Strap Design 'Yet to Be Finalized'

Friday July 7, 2023 2:58 am PDT by
When Apple unveiled the Vision Pro at WWDC in June, members of the press invited to try out the headset were able to use an optional secondary head strap that sits across the top of the head. The strap was spotted in Apple's promotional videos for the mixed reality device, but its marketing material made no mention of the accessory. Still from Apple's WWDC keynote video showing over-the-head ...
Apple Vision Pro at Steve Jobs Theater

Apple Vision Pro Likely to Launch in UK and Canada by End of 2024, Asia and Rest of Europe Soon After

Friday July 7, 2023 2:26 am PDT by
Apple's Vision Pro is set to launch in the United States early next year, and Apple is discussing the United Kingdom and Canada as two of the first international markets to get the mixed reality headset by the end of 2024, although "a final decision hasn't been made," according to sources cited by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. In his latest report, Gurman says Apple is looking at bringing the...
instagram threads app

Just Joined Threads? How to Turn Off Notifications

Friday July 7, 2023 1:36 am PDT by
Threads, Meta's alternative to Twitter, officially launched on July 5, 2023. Getting too many notifications? Then read on. If you joined up to Threads straight away and are now being inundated with notifications as all your Instagram followers pile on to the new social media platform, here's how to turn off all those pesky alerts until things calm down a little. In the Threads app, tap the p...

Apple Shares 13-Minute 'Shot on iPhone 14 Pro' Film Featuring Lucha Libre Legend Huracán Ramírez

Friday July 7, 2023 1:00 am PDT by
Apple has shared a new action-packed film called "Huracán Ramírez vs. La Piñata Enchilada" on its YouTube channel as part of its Shot on iPhone series. The 13-minute video, filmed by acclaimed director couple Tania Verduzco and Adrián Pérez, also known as "Los Pérez," was shot entirely on the iPhone 14 Pro with the use of additional accessories and software. The film retells the fortunes of...
ios 16 battery low power mode beta 6

How to Prevent Your iPhone's Low Power Mode From Turning Off

Thursday July 6, 2023 7:56 am PDT by
Whether your iPhone or iPad is long overdue a battery replacement, or you just want to get more juice out of a single charge, here's a way to keep your device's Low Power Mode on all the time. Most ‌iPhone‌ and iPad users will be familiar with the way their device throws up a prompt to turn on Low Power Mode when the battery falls to 20 percent. The special mode conserves what remaining...
iphone 14 pro max deep purple feature purple

iPhone 15 Pro Max Predicted to Be More Expensive Than Previous Model

Thursday July 6, 2023 5:06 am PDT by
Apple's next-generation iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely be more expensive than the previous Pro Max model, according to Jeff Pu, a tech analyst at Hong Kong-based investment firm Haitong International Securities. In his latest research note, Pu predicted Apple's larger of the two upcoming Pro models will see a price increase higher than the $1,099 starting price of the current iPhone 14 Pro...
instagram threads app

Want to Delete Your Threads Profile? Then Delete Your Instagram Account, Says Meta

Thursday July 6, 2023 3:43 am PDT by
Threads, Meta's alternative to Twitter, has officially launched. But users thinking of installing the social media app just to check it out should be aware that you can't delete your Threads profile without also deleting your Instagram account. Meta describes Threads as "Instagram's text-based conversation app," and there's purpose in that precise phrasing. It doesn't just mean that your...
instagram threads app

How to Delete or Deactivate Your Threads Account

Thursday July 6, 2023 2:41 am PDT by
Threads, Meta's alternative to Twitter, has officially launched. If you joined up to Threads amid the initial wave of excitement and have already decided it's not for you, here's what you can do to remove yourself from the social media network. Threads is still in its early days, so drawing conclusions about the utility of the social network is arguably jumping the gun. However, if you...
trio iphone ipad mac

How to Make an Archived Backup of Your iPhone or iPad on Mac

Tuesday July 4, 2023 3:19 am PDT by
If you make a big change to your iPhone or iPad, like installing beta software or a major new version of Apple's operating system, it's essential that you make an archived backup, otherwise you won't be able to downgrade and revert to your device's previous state if things go wrong. By creating an archived backup, you have a saved copy of the existing operating system, along with all your...
apple watch ultra adventures

MicroLED Apple Watch Ultra Now Rumored to Launch in 2026, Not 2025

Tuesday July 4, 2023 2:30 am PDT by
Apple is known to be working on an updated version of the Apple Watch Ultra that uses a next-generation microLED display, but the device has again been postponed due to manufacturing issues, according to market research firm Trendforce (via The Elec). Information shared in April by display analyst Ross Young suggested that an Apple Watch Ultra with microLED display would launch in the second ...
apple studio display blue

Apple Is Reportedly Working on a Mac Monitor That Becomes a Smart Home Display When Idle

Monday July 3, 2023 4:44 am PDT by
Apple is working on a new external monitor for Macs that also functions as a kind of smart home display while not in use, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. Writing in the subscriber version of his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman says that Apple is developing multiple new monitor offerings, some of which are likely to be successors to its Studio Display and Pro Display XDR, and...